Wednesday, January 23, 2013

cell phone camera photography

Interesting article on shooting low-fi using cell phone camera and apps.

I have started to really embrace cell phone photography. With all the filters and adjustments available through mobile apps, shooting with the cell phone has become a whole new photographic art form. In addition there are  a variety of lens on the market that allow you to shoot with various focal lengths. My latest endeavor has been to email my SLR photos to myself so that i can then open them in my smart phone, download to my iphone's photo gallery and then re-open and run them through a mobile app. 

That being said, more times than not the photos you take with your phone's camera (especially the smart phones--I have an iphone) are a pleasant surprise and the image quality justs keep getting better. 
A big advantage to shooting cell-cam pics is that you always have a camera on you and it weighs very little.  

Photos below were taken with my cell phone:

                                          Wild Parakeets at White Rock lake 

                                          Apples in Maine

                                          Purcie the kitten

                                            Deer in the woods in Denton TX

                                           Winter Acorns

                                          Birds on the UNT campus

                                          Summer shower - dividing line of rainfall

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